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Sliding Door Hardware Experts

Bottom Rollers

Our wheels are machined from solid steel plate for durability and strength. Standard sizes range from 6" to 24" diameters. When required, for larger doors under extreme loads, wheels are machined from carbon steel and treads are flame hardened to a required Brinell hardness. Standard or custom retro-fit.


DIY Network

Click on the "Nature Inspired Eco-Bath" and "Mirror Mirror" episodes to see creative ideas for using our hardware!


Comprehensive Sliding
Door Hardware

All standard door hangers are of steel construction with ball bearings lubricated for life. Suited for exterior and interior applications and includes flat track, straight, folding, interior, and decorative sliding glass.



Flat Track wins National Award!

LMC recently chose our flat track hardware as one of the nation's best new products.

New Flat Track Installation Photos.

Bookcase, Pool House and Cozy Bedroom.

Flat Track Featured Installation.

Brushed Nickel in Fandel Basement installation submitted by Tom Fischer Remodeling.

Flat Track Featured Installation.

Weathered Rust Finish, Lindblom Custom Cabinets and Troy Wierman home.