Leatherneck Hardware Inc. | Belt Buckle Inspiration

Sometimes inspiration comes from the most unlikely places.

The look of our newest finish, Brushed Nickel, came from, of all places, one of our employee’s belt buckles. We had been searching for just the right look for a finish that so many of our customers were requesting. We would get close but never get it quite right. Enter Kim’s belt buckle. We saw the buckle and everyone said, “That’s it!” We used a hand sander to perfect the look, and built our custom process to mirror what we created by hand.

A few installation ideas:

  • Kitchens or baths with existing stainless steel-finish hardware
  • Small spaces with contemporary design
  • Locations that bridge old-world styling and modern touches

Our customers tell us the new finish is the perfect modern hardware, sometimes even in a rustic setting. The finish will go hand-in-hand with a number of different types of hardware already in the kitchen or bath in many homes. Brushed Nickel will help tie together any contemporary-styled space while preserving a sense of simple quaintness.