Leatherneck Hardware Inc. | New Spoked Wheel Design Earning Rave Reviews

Leatherneck Hardware has just released a new Spoked Wheel design that is generating interest across the industry. The new aluminum Spoked Flat Track Wheel is an oversized wheel with machined out sections that resemble a car wheel or watch gear. The new wheel works with the standard Flat Track 142 line, and they are categorized as our new 402S series.

The idea for the new wheel started with a search to simplify and enhance the creative look of the existing steel wheel design. “We eliminated the need to machine the spokes on both sides of the wheel and do everything from the front side, making our process more efficient,” explains Jordan Carlton, Leatherneck’s head of Research and Development. “Since we were designing it from the ground up, we decided to get creative in the spoke design, having more options for customers to choose from, and added polished chamfers to the edges. The end result gave us exactly what we had set out to accomplish, a reasonably-priced, visually-appealing wheel.”

Most of the wheels that Leatherneck manufactures are made of steel, making this aluminum design very unique. “This is not our first time dealing with aluminum, but we generally use it in creating custom parts specific to our customer needs,” explains Carlton. “This is exciting for us because it is our first aluminum wheel that is a Leatherneck standard part. Also, while most of our wheels are solid all the way through, the spokes on this wheel make it different for us. For our Research and Development team, the spoked wheels allow us to really showcase our creativity with multiple design offerings. When we are designing and manufacturing hardware, all of us at Leatherneck believe in function first, and then form. In this case, we get to bring in the best of both!”

The Spoked Wheel was just named as one of the Best New Products by LMC, one of the nation’s largest independent lumber and building material buying coalitions.

The new wheel is now available. If optioned with the straight hanger strap, it will be a direct replacement to our 400 series hangers (401-402.) Anyone with existing hardware would now have the ability to change the look of their Flat Track by Leatherneck.

Looking for Creative Ideas for the Aluminum Spoked Wheel Design?

  • Old, industrial building converted into living space
  • Office space to reflect a unique industrial look
  • Living space for gearheads who like to tinker in the garage
  • Antique-filled room paired with a beautiful reclaimed wood rustic door
  • 19th century steampunk themed office