Leatherneck Hardware Inc. | Profile: The Catskill Farms

We recently caught up with Peter Miszuk, Project Manager for The Catskill Farms. He shared beautiful photos of flat track and insights about how to use the hardware most effectively.

How do you use Flat Track?

We have been using it for ages in all our projects from our 1880’s farm house and to our new 1880 farm house copy and even on our 50’s ranches.

Where is your favorite place to install the hardware?

We love to install a slider someplace where it can make a statement, living room, pantry, etc.

Why did you select Flat Track Hardware?

It’s low profile and heavy duty and looks good.

Tell us about the installation process.

Our in house carpenters install the flat track on custom made barn doors made on site.

What do you like best about the hardware?

Quality and Cost.