• Slide Stop Flier
  • Slide Stop Adjustment for Barn Door Hardware
  • Close Ease for barn door hardware installed
  • Closer for barn door hardware clear coat
  • Closer for barn door hardware

Slide Stop for Barn Door Hardware

Our easy-to-install Slide Stop ensures your door stops exactly where you'd like it to - every time. This Flat Track by Leatherneck barn door-style accessory is a customer favorite. 

Here's how it works - slide one on either end of the track, position where you want your door to stop, then secure with the hex key/set screws. Add the hole inserts once the hardware is in place - and you're done. All in less than a minute!  Two slide stops for single slide door panels, four slide stops for bi-parting door panels. 

Perfect for tight spaces, custom track lengths and multi-panel openings. May be purchased individually or in packs. Available in all 12 standard finishes. Custom finishes also available. 

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